Senior Care Professionals - Are you a Passionate Leader?

PASSION trumps all.  I was recently told this by a well respected CEO of a very successful company in the senior care industry.   As I witness the growth of our business I can attest to the fact that many of the clients we work with are passionate in their drive to go above and beyond in serving their residents, customers, families and communities.  Those who work in and with our company have a passion in improving lives for older adults and their care partners.

Merriam-Webster defines passion as: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

Passion turns a job into a life calling

Passion calls us to fulfill a dream, change lives and improve the world

Passion draws other passionate people to a mission

Passion drives people to work through challenges and difficulties

Many companies in the senior care industry (AGE-u-cate® included) have been created by founders who in some way were personally changed through an experience of caring for an aging loved one.  The complexities of a changing healthcare landscape,  growing choices for aging in place and within a community setting, and meeting the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the explosive numbers of families caring for loved ones have created opportunities at every juncture of the senior care spectrum.  If there was every an industry to draw passionate, caring individuals it is in senior care.

 Leaders who are passionate attract passionate people who want to further a mission with meaning. 

According to Certified Executive Coach Nozami Morgan "This is in large part because people want to follow a passionate leader. Someone who cares about not only the cause for which he or she is working, but also the other people who are involved in the effort. Passion for the projects, for the company and for the people involved are key to successful leadership.

In a more tangible sense, this essentially comes down to an attitude or mindset when working on projects. The people who are passionate about their work don’t do it for the sake of “doing stuff.” They aren’t the types who sit in their office and try to look busy until 5 pm. They’re driven by curiosity and the motivation to learn about the world around them.

Here's to welcoming in a New Year of Passionate Leadership!