A Family's Journey to Better Care for People Living with Dementia

Posted by Laura Ellen Christian on Sep 1, 2021 9:09:36 AM

I mentioned my grandmother briefly in my last post and I would love to share more about her!  Her name was Mildred and this year she would have celebrated her 101st year around the sun.  She was was the pillar of our family and barrel of fun!  I can see her infectious smile now, dancing in the kitchen singing "If I'd known you were coming, I would've baked you a cake"!  Most of my memories of grandmama Mildred involve her journey living with dementia.  She taught our family so much in the 8+ years she lived with dementia.  Her sense of humor never ceased and was a critical piece in allowing grace to shine bright through it all.  And boy did we need grace - we didn't always get it right.  That's life.  

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Reading2Connect: Innovative Programming for Persons with Dementia

Posted by Julie Boggess on Feb 1, 2021 4:07:13 PM


Elders experience active engagement and initiation, a renewed interest in the world and desire to learn. Their past areas of expertise and passions are rekindled.

Innovative programming for persons living with Dementia is taking  a significant step forward.

Reading2Connect is an integrated reading program for persons with cognitive changes.  Adapted books help them to express their individuality, recall their pasts, share humor, and emotionally connect with peers, family, and caregivers. 

The ability to read is automatic and often remains to some degree functional even in the later stages of dementia.

Specially designed books break through the barriers to reading,    sparking older adults with dementia abilities to reflect, remember, learn, and express themselves.

Revive the minds, voices, and self-esteem of the older adults in your care

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid commissioned a study with residents in 40 nursing homes about the meaning of quality
of life. Independence, positive self-image and purposeful activities that produce or teach something ranked high on the list.

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Grandparent's Day: Learning From Those Who Came Before Us

Posted by Kathy Dreyer on Sep 21, 2020 7:40:44 AM

This month we observed Grandparent's Day. In the media, there have been stories and videos of families connecting with their loved ones both virtually and in-person, although with masks and socially distanced.

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The Trauma of Relocation for People with Dementia

Posted by Julie Boggess on Feb 3, 2020 11:24:51 PM


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Aging Services Future Focus

Posted by Julie Boggess on Dec 30, 2019 9:47:48 AM

On the brink of a new decade, I contemplate what the next ten years will look like for the aging services industry. Reflecting on the past provides me some hope for the future. In some respects, we have come a long way.  By the same token, we should maintain a future focus and continue to develop more strategies that support the quality of living of frail elders.

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Dementia and a New Normal Holiday Celebration

Posted by Julie Boggess on Dec 23, 2019 9:32:17 AM
The holiday season can be overwhelming for people with dementia. Create a new normal holiday celebration so that everyone is merry and bright!
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Validation in Dementia Care: Thank You, Naomi!

Posted by Ann Catlin on Dec 5, 2019 9:00:55 AM
Validation helps caregivers step into the world of a person with dementia, creating understanding and empathy.
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Specialized Dementia Training and Employee Turnover

Posted by Julie Boggess on Sep 30, 2019 1:28:29 PM


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Dementia-Friendly Faith Communities: Let's Get Started

Posted by Julie Boggess on Jul 22, 2019 11:19:59 AM
Faith communities should start to think about creating a culture of acceptance for persons with dementia.
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The Case for Robotic Companion Pets in Dementia Care

Posted by Ann Catlin on Jul 4, 2019 9:19:02 AM
A woman with dementia and her care partner interact with a robotic companion cat.
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Topics: Senior Care Professionals, dementia, Pets

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