Education - the Key to Empowerment for Senior Care Professionals

head keyYou've heard the expression Knowledge is Power.  When it comes to caring for an aging adult, the key to empowerment clearly resides in education.

Why is it then, with the amount of information that is available at our fingertips that families and professionals are lacking in skills that are necessary to improve care and quality of life?

A better question might be HOW are we educating others?  We've gone to lack of education to information overload but we are still faced with the same challenges.   Google dementia, Alzheimer'straining, family caregiver in any combination and pages of information will pop up.  Research varies on how much of what we read actually sticks, that is information that we remember but my guess is that all this information is not making a huge impacts in empowering the masses to improve care for aging adults, especially those living with dementia.

We're excited to be expanding our network of Master Trainers in 2017.  Bringing together passionate people who believe that education and training is absolutely essential to meeting the growing numbers of healthcare professionals, eldercare providers and families who are and will be caring for aging loved ones.

High stress, limited access to support, difficult family situations and lack of understanding collectively (and singularly) can have a huge effect on how much we learn and apply at any given time.  This is why we believe experiential education and training is so much more effective in creative transformative change within the eldercare sphere.

Our Master Trainers bring quality, hands-on education through the delivery of research-based innovative programs in the dementia education arena.  Dementia Live and Compassionate Touch are changing how we care for those we serve, providing the keys to empowerment and  transformative change in the aging world.

We change attitudes and actions and look forward to a new year of growing, expanding and educating others.