Reading2Connect: Innovative Programming for Persons with Dementia


Elders experience active engagement and initiation, a renewed interest in the world and desire to learn. Their past areas of expertise and passions are rekindled.

Innovative programming for persons living with Dementia is taking  a significant step forward.

Reading2Connect is an integrated reading program for persons with cognitive changes.  Adapted books help them to express their individuality, recall their pasts, share humor, and emotionally connect with peers, family, and caregivers. 

The ability to read is automatic and often remains to some degree functional even in the later stages of dementia.

Specially designed books break through the barriers to reading,    sparking older adults with dementia abilities to reflect, remember, learn, and express themselves.

Revive the minds, voices, and self-esteem of the older adults in your care

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid commissioned a study with residents in 40 nursing homes about the meaning of quality
of life. Independence, positive self-image and purposeful activities that produce or teach something ranked high on the list.

To that end, Reading2Connect is a program  that satisfies universal human needs, such as the longing for friendships and laughter.  In addition, R2C is a purposeful activity that aligns with the necessary elements for quality of life.

Furthermore, R2C can be offered as an independent activity which is a critical need for Aging Services Providers due to the pandemic. At no time has the need for quality, independent programming been greater.

Additionally, Reading2Connect is a helpful resource for Area Agencies on Aging to expand programming to homebound elders.

Access the Reading2Connect Whitepaper for more information on how to provide quality programming for persons living with cognitive changes.

Julie has worked in Aging Services for over 30 years and has been a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator since 1990. She is a the Director of Grants and Consulting Projects and a Certified Master Trainer with AGE-u-cate Training Institute. In addition, she is an instructor and of Gerontology and Leadership in Aging Services at Northern Illinois University and lives in the Chicago Northwest Suburb of Mount Prospect, IL.