Lead With Abundant Kindness

Be kind, and do something good for yourself.

What feels abundant right now is trauma, stress, and burnout.  Heading up an Aging Services organization during this time has been no easy task.  At AGE-u-cate, we have tried to offer nuggets of support and encouragement to help infuse some hope in what feels like a long nightmare. 

With so much out of our control these days, there is something we can control, and that is how we relate to each other.  Kindness should always be a part of a leadership philosophy, but when we feel pushed to the edge, kindness might take a backseat.

Kindness can be defined as the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.  Seems like a fairly simple and straightforward way to interact with others.  In fact, ABC news reported last year on research that informs us that being kind pays off.  Being kind makes us feel better and healthier, and is wired into our survival.  Oxford anthropologist Oliver Curry believes that we are kind because under the right circumstances we all benefit from kindness.


 Do Something Good for Yourself 

The Kindness Matters Guide from the Mental Health Foundation says that it is time to re-imagine a kinder society that better protects our mental health.  Helping others feel good can help you:

1.  Create a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation.

2.  Keep things in perspective.

3.  Boost feelings of confidence, being in control, happiness and optimism.

You can also demonstrate leadership by inspiring others to be kind and help make the world a happier place, because, one act of kindness can often lead to more.

Aging Services leaders can inspire kindness by being the role model.  There is no getting around the fact that when caregivers feel cared about, they provide better care.  Kindness can be an intentional strategy to improve the care and quality of life for the elders in your care. 

AGE-u-cate is on a mission to Ignite Change in Aging Services with solutions that inspires kindness toward employees and elders.  

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Laura Ellen Christian, 
Vice President, Client Engagement