Touch is a Touchy Subject in Eldercare

Posted by Julie Boggess on Feb 17, 2021 8:28:31 PM
Human beings need the connection of touch for wellbeing. Expressive Touch is possible and necessary, even during a pandemic.

The pandemic has made us all wary of getting too close to others, and rightly so.  Shivers might run down your spine thinking about touching someone not related to you.

Touch, meaning holding a hand, offering a hug or a warming shoulder rub.  Can we?  Should we?  Touch, is a touchy subject these days, after all.

People express their fatigue with pandemic-style living.  How many times have you heard, "I'm so over it"?

Imagine how over it elders who live in elder care communities must feel?  Separated from family and friends for a year with a profound absence of expressive touch in their lives.

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Infection Control and Expressive Touch: We Can Have Both

Posted by Julie Boggess on Jul 15, 2019 9:42:59 AM
The healing benefit of expressive touch is lacking in the lives of older adults.
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Topics: AGE-u-cate Training Institute, Senior Care Professionals, Training, compassionate touch, caregiving, older adults, skilled nursing, infection control, expressive touch

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