Retention is Where It's At!

Aging Services providers are scrambling to find new and dynamic ways to replenish their depleted workforce.  Creative messaging and incentives are being deployed to entice prospects, but these efforts are for naught if turnover continues at the pace this industry has experienced.  A laser focus on employee retention is imperative.

We have a pretty good handle on why people leave employment in this industry, but instead of hashing out a list of turnover reasons, I'd like to dive into a universally agreed upon strategy that inspires retention. 

Engaged Employees are Less Likely to Leave their Jobs

What does engaged employment look like?  According to this LeadingAge Business Strategy Council White Paper:

  • Healthy relationship with a supervisor
  • Personal dedication to the organization's mission
  • Finding the work meaningful
  • Individual recognition
  • A "feeling" of community
  • Education/training/growth opportunities

Creating a culture that intentionally creates opportunities for employee engagement is not as difficult or overwhelming as it might seem. 

Robust training and education programs that offer growth opportunities will help employees connect to your mission, inspire meaning and purpose to their work and offer individual recognition.  

AGE-u-cate is on a mission to Ignite Change in Aging Services with solutions that inspire employee retention.

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Laura Ellen Christian, 
Vice President, Client Engagement