Rediscovering the Heart in Dementia Care: Prioritizing the Human Touch

Posted by Pam Brandon on Nov 23, 2023 10:54:04 AM



In the hustle of healthcare advancements, the essence of caregiving often gets overshadowed. Nowhere is this truer than in dementia care, where the personal and emotional aspects of caregiving are frequently sidelined by clinical approaches. Let's delve into why returning to the human side of dementia care is not just essential but transformative.

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How Texas Christian University is Preparing Nursing Students with Experiential Dementia Training

Posted by Pam Brandon on Oct 27, 2022 12:00:00 PM













"Preparing our healthcare professionals to work with the aging population must include quality dementia training. We've found the gold standard with Dementia Live🅡", Michelle Kimzey, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences.  

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Starting Over Again is Not that Bad - Here's Why!

Posted by Pam Brandon on Dec 2, 2021 2:56:32 PM

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for the new year. Of course, I always look forward to dreaming of new adventures, possibilities, and the opportunity to open a new chapter. But, I've got to be perfectly honest. I'm REALLY looking forward to 2022!

I'm guessing that most of you who are reading this, no matter where you fall in the aging services spectrum, would have to agree the last umpteen months have been a doozy!

What I don't want to do is belabor the point. In fact, I'm not even going to bring up anything about what we've been through because that's all we've been talking about for far too long!

Starting all over again is not that bad...because when you restart, you get another chance to make things right.

When we restart, we put things in a new perspective, learning lessons from the past. But, when we look through a different lens, the ideas and creativity that start flowing are incredible! We've had the opportunity at AGE-u-cate to do just that. We decided late last year that we would look beyond the circumstances beyond our control and put our innovative heads together to do things better.

Don't let Fear and Uncertainty Stop You.

Being Stuck is about the most frustrating feeling in the world. Getting UNSTUCK is exciting. It means you are moving forward, even if in baby steps. Taking small steps is often hard for me, but thanks to a great team, they remind me that it's sometimes essential - and I'll be doggone - they are right! When we embarked on our Reveal Aging Micro-learning initiative, we had to talk with our partners, garner feedback, and take the time necessary to do it right.

Failure is Part of the Process.

Failure is NOT the opposite of success. It's a part of Sucess! How many times have you gotten off the ground with a new program or initiative only to hit a brick wall? Probably more times than you can count. As we know, things happen that are out of our control, and sometimes we don't think things through. It's Okay. Start again, and learn from your mistakes.

Stay Focused, and Keep your Eye on the End Game.

If you are in aging services, you have a mission, and it's an important one. What better work to do than that which has a higher calling? Is it easy? No. Can you solve all the challenges that lie ahead of you? Of course not. Can you make a positive difference in the lives of others? You bet, and that's where you need to keep your eye set.

We need to look ahead to all that we can do better in 2022. Right around the corner lies a world of possibilities for all of us to work together and make a difference in the lives of those whom we serve.

Let's Press Restart! Refocus and Get Started because 2022 is right around the corner - thank goodness!

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What do 79% of Employees Say about Caring for Residents?

Posted by Pam Brandon on Oct 8, 2021 9:49:01 AM

This is GOOD NEWS!

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Retention is Where It's At!

Posted by Julie Boggess on Sep 29, 2021 10:22:32 PM

Aging Services providers are scrambling to find new and dynamic ways to replenish their depleted workforce.  Creative messaging and incentives are being deployed to entice prospects, but these efforts are for naught if turnover continues at the pace this industry has experienced.  A laser focus on employee retention is imperative.

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Age-u-cate Featured on SeniorTrade

Posted by Laura Ellen Christian on Sep 28, 2021 1:54:20 PM

AGE-u-cate thrives on relationships, whether that be with aging services providers or industry partners.  

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A Family's Journey to Better Care for People Living with Dementia

Posted by Laura Ellen Christian on Sep 1, 2021 9:09:36 AM

I mentioned my grandmother briefly in my last post and I would love to share more about her!  Her name was Mildred and this year she would have celebrated her 101st year around the sun.  She was was the pillar of our family and barrel of fun!  I can see her infectious smile now, dancing in the kitchen singing "If I'd known you were coming, I would've baked you a cake"!  Most of my memories of grandmama Mildred involve her journey living with dementia.  She taught our family so much in the 8+ years she lived with dementia.  Her sense of humor never ceased and was a critical piece in allowing grace to shine bright through it all.  And boy did we need grace - we didn't always get it right.  That's life.  

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Simple Ideas to Support Staff Retention

Posted by Laura Ellen Christian on Aug 25, 2021 7:23:09 AM

In a recent article published by McKnight's Senior Living, a survey of caregivers in Texas showed that while pay was an important factor in staying in the senior services field, it wasn't the only driver of satisfaction.  This is contrary to what most managers believe.  The study listed feeling respected, job flexibility and pride in the physical workplace as important to staff connected to their work.  So, how can the industry make small, but impactful shifts to improving retention among caregivers and other roles?  Here are a few simple ideas to get your wheels turning: 

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COVID Recovery: Developing the Next Generation Aging Services Workforce

Posted by Julie Boggess on Dec 7, 2020 10:29:13 AM
COVID recovery: Building the next generation of aging services professionals.
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The Fear of Dementia and How We Must Redirect our Thinking

Posted by Pam Brandon on Jan 30, 2018 9:31:31 AM

I had a few "Aha" moments this past weekend that made me realize just how prevalent the fear of dementia is in our society,  and how we must redirect our thinking in order to transform how we look at Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

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