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Skilled Nursing and The Civil Monetary Penalty Grant Program

The AGE-u-cate Grants Team spent a collective 47 years working in skilled nursing before joining the AGE-u-cate team in 2020 (Julie), and 2022 (Andrew and Jessica).  We know firsthand how underappreciated those working in the industry feel, and that is why we are so honored to sing their praises and support their efforts to improve the quality of life for those they serve, and the quality of their work experience.

Our programs Compassionate Touch and/or Dementia Live have been brought to skilled nursing communities in North Carolina, Ohio, and Minnesota since 2019 AT NO COST through the Civil Monetary Penalty Grant Program.  Despite the zero-dollar price tag, many communities had to pass up the opportunity to engage in these programs because of the daily stress and trauma associated with the pandemic, staffing, turnover, regulatory issues, and a host of other reasons. 

There are many skilled nursing communities, however, who seized their small windows of opportunity and jumped excitedly into a new project- 411 since 2019 to be exact!  But the really amazing news is that 212 of them signed on to a project during the pandemic (after Jan 1, 2020-present).  


Here are some highlights that celebrate the tenacity, dedication, and commitment of our skilled nursing partners- our unsung champions.

  • 1,428 nursing home employees participated in onsite training for Compassionate Touch and/or Dementia Live since January 2020.
  • Ohman Family Briar Hill in Ohio leads the pack by training 51 employees in Dementia Live.
  • The Inspira Health Group doubled down and enrolled 5 of their communities in the Dementia Live and/or Compassionate Touch projects in Ohio.  
  • CareCore at Westmoreland in Ohio didn't let the presence of surveyors deter them from moving forward with the scheduled onsite training for Dementia Live AND Compassionate Touch and trained 21 employees!
  • Social Worker Rya Lally at The Normandy Senior Living in Ohio single-handedly managed every detail of the onsite Compassionate Touch onsite training after learning that her project partner would not be available to assist.  
  • Delaware Court Director of Nursing Centra Meyer personally sought out her nursing department employees to ensure they attended the onsite Dementia Live training.

  • Logan Acres Senior Communities in Ohio enlisted in the Compassionate Touch project in March 2022 and completed their online coach training in less than a month.

  • Due to construction, space was limited at North Shore Estates with Monarch Management in Minnesota, so the staff cleaned out a basement storage room for onsite Dementia Live training.  

These are just a few of the stellar moments and experiences we have had this year while onsite at our skilled nursing partners.

  • Dementia Live helped me to become a better STNA for my residents who live with Dementia.  Carecore Westmoreland


    Compassionate Touch helped me understand that just simple touch can help someone.  Accord Care

We return from onsite training excited and inspired by the people and passion we encounter.  No doubt, many employees are tired and feel despairing about the conditions they and their residents have endured, but the laughter and comradery that we witness from the employees reflect that their caring hearts are still there.








 In conclusion, the lessons we have learned from these and other fierce and courageous providers include:
  • No matter how difficult the conditions, the well-being of the residents is top of mind.
  • Staff is eager to learn new things and apply what they learn to improve care.
  • Everyone, no matter how long they have worked in eldercare, can experience the "aha" moment.
  • Fun is a necessary ingredient every day.

We wish all of our skilled nursing grant-project providers the very best this holiday season and are thankful for all you do and for letting the grants team be a part of your staff education outreach.