Memorial Day: Honoring Heroes, Past and Present

Memorial Day is an annual remembrance of the brave, heroic individuals who gave their all in service to their country. We also remember their families who lost loved ones. During this time of COVID-19 quarantine, reflecting on heroes is even more appropriate.


During this COVID-19 quarantine, there are heroes among us who are brave. Health care workers serve tirelessly to provide care to those infected with COVID-19, in hospitals and long-term care. Family members, caring for loved ones at home. There are staff members in nonprofits working to provide support, both food and financial, for persons affected by COVID-19 through job loss or furlough. While these individuals are the obvious choice for hero status, other types of heroes are emerging.


While not as apparent, there are other heroic individuals less obvious and perhaps not considered as brave. There are the delivery drivers who are bringing food to families in order to help flatten the COVID-19 curve. People have been staying at home to minimize risks for contracting or spreading the corona virus. Grocery store employees have been working constantly to keep supplies on the shelf to support those staying at home. People are ordering meals to help support restaurants in staying open. There are many opportunities to be heroic.


While there are many types and categories of heroes, on this day, we remember those who have given all. We also can reflect on those still serving in a different type of challenge. Those still supporting those who ill and vulnerable. Those individuals find a reason to keep on, who continuing to find the strength to be brave. With gratitude to Josh Groban, we thank you for being brave and for continuing to serve.

Kathy Dreyer, Ph.D., is the Director of Strategic Projects at AGE-u-cate® Training Institute, which develops and delivers innovative research-based aging and dementia training programs such as Dementia Live® and Compassionate Touch®, for professional and family caregivers;