You Didn't Wake Up to be Mediocre

AGE-u-cate's CEO Pam Brandon sent each team member a jar containing one inspirational quote per week for 52 weeks.  Every Monday, we unroll our scroll and read the message to the team.  You may have seen Laura Ellen Christian on LinkedIn every Monday sharing a video reflection on her inspirational quote.

We all look forward to Monday and reading our quotes to each other.  Sometimes we are astonished at how spot on they can be, and other times we just chuckle and move on to the next.

"You did not wake up to be mediocre" was one from this week.  I think this summarizes why these last couple of years have been so hard for everyone, especially aging services professionals.  We know we can and should do better for the elders in our care but being stretched so thin has thrown everyone into survival mode.  Just getting through one more day feels like success, and that ends up not feeling so good.  

We all need to thrive in our work, don't we?  When we thrive, those in our care do to.  Survival mode is not sustainable for any person, or any organization.  

"Survival mode is not the way to live. 

It strips you of the ability to embrace life, take chances and elevate yourself."

   Forbes Coaches Council

Problem:  Aging Services employees and providers are struggling to thrive

after operating in chaos and uncertainty for two years.









Solution:  Remind, Recommit and Recharge 

Remind yourself why you decided to work in the aging services industry in the first place.  How did you arrive at the decision to accept the position you are in now and do the same reasons still exist for you today?

Recommit yourself to caring for elders in a way that promotes their quality of life and care and all dimensions of their wellbeing.  

Recharge your energy and spirit with mindfulness and self-care.  

Thriving instead of surviving is largely a matter of making up your mind to thrive, and that's not easy under current circumstances!  Here are two focused thoughts or mantras that may help:

"Today is a new day, so I am going to make sure to not allow anything or anyone to bring my spirits down."

"I will see something positive in each day, even if some days are harder than others."

  AGE-u-cate is ready to help you recommit to your work- reach out and recharge!  

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