Expressive Touch in Caregiving is Beneficial for Everyone

Posted by Julie Boggess on Mar 1, 2021 11:20:37 AM
holding_hands-400x225-1Touch connects humans to each other, reduces stress, and communicates care and concern. Don't we all need a little more of this these days?

Compassionate Touch® is an effective caregiving technique that combines expressive touch and compassionate presence.  The good- old-fashioned back rub is making its way back to eldercare, reinforcing that touch is beneficial for everyone.

But, let's not stop at the back.  Add shoulders, arms and hands, legs and feet, and now we have a powerful caregiving protocol that is easy to learn and so effective.

Eldercare providers need tools that improve the quality of life for those they serve.  Additionally, providers need ways improve the quality of the work experience for their employees.  I would argue that there has never been a more critical time than now to seek new ways to retain employees.

Compassionate Touch® hits the mark on both counts.

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Case Study: Compassionate Touch at Presbyterian Senior Living

Posted by Julie Boggess on Feb 10, 2021 11:22:20 AM


Presbyterian Senior Living offers love, connection and comfort to their elders by creatively keeping Compassionate Touch moving forward during the pandemic.

AGE-u-cate honors the wonderful work at  Presbyterian Senior Living (PSL), based in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

Alicia Fenstermacher, PSL Corporate Director of Purposeful Living and AGE-u-cate Certified Master Trainer shared how PSL keeps resident and employee well-being front and center during the pandemic with Compassionate Touch.

Since 2015, Compassionate Touch is integrated into the culture of care and service at PSL. They have over 230 certified Compassionate Touch Coaches, and  989 trained caregivers.

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Validation in Dementia Care: Thank You, Naomi!

Posted by Ann Catlin on Dec 5, 2019 9:00:55 AM
Validation helps caregivers step into the world of a person with dementia, creating understanding and empathy.
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How to Prevent People in Nursing Homes from Becoming Invisible?

Posted by Ann Catlin on Oct 4, 2019 12:47:33 PM
People in care can often feel invisible.
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Alzheimer's Disease: What Would Maslow Say?

Posted by Ann Catlin on Sep 5, 2019 10:00:23 AM
Human needs remain intact regardless of age, situation, or condition.
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How to Listen to a Grieving Friend

Posted by Ann Catlin on Aug 29, 2019 10:00:01 AM

In recognition of Grief Awareness Day August 30, here are five tips for how to listen when someone you know is grieving.

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Loneliness in Older Adults: What's the Impact?

Posted by Ann Catlin on Jun 28, 2019 10:48:22 AM


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Can Computer Access in Long Term Care Improve Quality of Life?

Posted by Ann Catlin on May 30, 2019 2:17:35 PM

The importance of computer access for people living in long term care facilities is on the rise.  As the number of seniors using technology increases, so will use of personal computers, smart phones, tablets and social media no matter where they live. One study found that among people 65 and older:

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Is Frailty in Old Age Expected?

Posted by Ann Catlin on May 23, 2019 10:00:07 AM

Frailty is used loosely to describe a range of conditions in older people, including general weakness, balance and cognitive impairment. It leads to inability to perform everyday self-care, home or community activities.

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Ten Ways to Overcome Compassion Fatigue

Posted by Ann Catlin on May 17, 2019 10:44:13 AM

Compassion Fatigue is physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion from witnessing suffering in others. Taking care of others is one source, but also the constant bombardment of news. It develops slowly over time. As a result our resilience  takes a hit.  Our compassion cup is empty. We feel burned out. How can we fill our cup back up? Here's ten tips offered in A Guide to Understanding and Coping with Compassion Fatigue:

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