"Fragile- Handle with Care".. Family Caregiver

Posted by Pam Brandon on Jun 16, 2017 10:33:17 AM

Looking back to my years a family caregiver, I wonder if I'd worn a badge that read "Fragile - Handle with Care",  it might have been easier for others to understand me.  Why I often had puffy eyes from crying, or scatter brained from sleep deprivation.  I can remember a certain period of time when I was issued a number of traffic violations...speeding through a school zone of all things (my children were both in elementary school at the time).  Thank goodness this was before cell phones.  There were times when I simply wasn't myself.  I was emotional, physically and spiritually worn out and burned out.  Thinking clearly was often a challenge because I was overwhelmed.

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The AGE-u-cated® Care Team, Family Member and Organization

Posted by Pam Brandon on Feb 28, 2017 2:15:27 PM

No misspelling here.   Who needs  AGE-u-cation?  Our care teams, family members, elder care providers, hospitals,  business community, churches, non-profits need to be MUCH better AGE-u-cated®!

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Will 2017 be the Year of Dementia Friendly Hospitals?

Posted by Pam Brandon on Jan 31, 2017 1:52:49 PM

In my office there is a framed print of Nelson Mandela's famous quote "It always seems impossible until IT'S DONE".  I believe hospitals have procrastinated long enough in becoming dementia friendly and the urgency to GET IT DONE is now.

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