Journey into Eldercare

I truly enjoy hearing stories about how people have made their way into the world of eldercare.  Many were inspired by experiences with older adults when they were young, and such is the case for me.

As a young girl, I spent time hanging out with an older gentleman (Eddie) who lived across the street.   He did not have children, so we sort of adopted each other.

We walked our dogs up to the park almost every day after school.  I would help him rake the leaves and shovel snow and other things.  It's been so long ago that I can't even remember what all we talked about, but I know we talked a lot. 

Perhaps we talked about what was going on in school and television shows, who knows?  But I remember having a nice time with Eddie.  Sadly, today, I believe a 12 yr old girl hanging out with a 70-ish year old man would be considered weird, and even inappropriate, so I feel fortunate to have this experience.

Little did I know that my friendship with Eddie would shape the rest of my life. 

I also owe just as much credit to the wonderful relationship I had with my grandparents.  I loved them so very much, and visiting their farm in central Illinois was always a wonderful adventure.  

I learned at a young age that older people were kind of cool, and that is the frame of mind I always applied to my work in skilled nursing.  So, while I never set a hard and fast intention to become a nursing home administrator, that is what happened, like a snowball rolling down hill.  As I gained momentum working in nursing homes, my passions grew into leadership. 

To Eddie and my Grandparents, I am eternally grateful.

Add a comment and share your story- how did you make your way into eldercare?  

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