How to Listen to a Grieving Friend

Posted by Ann Catlin on Aug 29, 2019 10:00:01 AM

In recognition of Grief Awareness Day August 30, here are five tips for how to listen when someone you know is grieving.

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Grief, Guilt, and Anxiety - How We can Help Caregivers

Posted by Pam Brandon on Jul 17, 2018 10:44:22 AM

As a long time family caregiver and professional in this field, I can tell you that the myriad of emotions that caregivers face on a daily basis is complex and ever-changing.  That said, grief, guilt, and anxiety are certainly at the top of the list.   How can we, as professionals in this field, better understand family needs and partner alongside them on this difficult journey?

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How Caregivers can Deal with Anticipatory Grief

Posted by Pam Brandon on Mar 2, 2018 11:23:19 AM

Anticipatory grief refers to a grief reaction that occurs before an impending loss. Typically, the impending loss is a death of someone close due to illness but it can also be experienced by dying individuals themselves.

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Topics: AGE-u-cate Training Institute, Senior Care Professionals, Family Caregiver, caregivers, Faith Community, chronic illness, Hospice, death, Grief, Anticipatory grief

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